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Porcelain polished tiles (also called seiko brick) is composed of ceramic wear-resisting brick processing, surface after polishing treatment will regularly micro hole appear invisible to the naked eye. Porcelain polished tiles is very popular at home and abroad in recent years new decorative ceramic material, has the hard wear-resisting, antifreeze, anti-fouling, acid and alkali resistance, brightness is luxuriant, enduring the characteristics of the adornment effect with natural granite.
The quality
At present domestic market to sell a wide variety of polished tiles, including no glaze polishing brick, granite, polishing brick, super polishing brick, ooze to spend polishing brick and so on four big series hundreds of varieties, because the quality is superior to inferior, throw out, so as a kind of durable high-grade consumer goods, grasp the quality is very important.
Porcelain polished tiles is divided into four types, they are permeable pattern polishing brick, powder type polishing brick, multi-tube cloth polishing brick and microlite.
Seepage pattern polished tile
Is the most basic type of product, the more common, almost all of the ceramic factories are in production. Production process is simple, is applied on the blank on a layer of about 5 mm penetration glaze, then after two after polishing and deburring, chamfering, do it again anti-fouling treatment can go to the factory. Consumers should be noted that the anti-fouling treatment technology, some manufacturers using imported anti-fouling agent, anti-fouling processing of polished tile is very good, but some manufacturer use is very cheap anti-fouling agent, there is even no anti-fouling agent, directly from la to do processing. Such products in the shop, they also do not have what problem, after a long time later, there will be a lot of leakage place, or a similar mark defect, then there is dirt, dirt will seep into the ceramic tile, it will be hard to clean.
Micro powder brick
Also some manufacturer called superfine powder. Raw materials used in the body and the surface is the same, but is the surface of powder after ball mill again long time the earth ground, then put the powder with a scraper scrape on the body, suppress again can. The surface fine grain is bibulous rate is low, the benefits of direct infiltration prevention ability is strong, but also want to see a brand, some small manufacturer do powder brick bibulous rate is also high, anti-seepage ability is low. Weakness is design and color is monotonous, almost all powder brick of grain.
Multi-tube cloth polishing brick
This kind of product of a special production process, the powder discharge is made up of many material tube of a material under a pressure molding. This kind of product design and color lines are natural, seem almost every piece of brick, but look closely there are subtle differences. But this kind of product is less choice, and only a few large manufacturers.
The micro SPAR
This kind of product time to market is not long, guangdong has a lot of manufacturers in production now. Micro SPAR has the following features: bibulous rate is low, but not wear-resisting, over time will be shoes with sand wear away.


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