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Foshan ceramics exports increased by 4.9% in 2012
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Huang Yanyan) recently, the reporter learns from foshan customs latest statistics: in 2012, foshan city, the total import and export trade of $61.06 billion, up 0.3% from a year earlier, foshan export gross of $40.15 billion, 2.7% more than last year, the gross of foshan ceramics export trade was $2.86 billion, up 4.9%, second only to air conditioning, second, third in the furniture. But ceramic products are exported to the eu's trade fell by 31.9%, compared to the total cost of the decline was most pronounced.
In 2012 in foshan for eu import and export trade fell by 25%, as a direct result of the foshan fell by 4.4%, total cost of the import and export trade of ceramic products are exported to European trade to $140 million, down 31.9% year-on-year. For this reason, although analysts think of customs data, market diversification level for promotion of foreign trade in recent years, foshan, but traditional export industry market concentration is still on the high side, resist the ability of the risk of market fluctuations is not strong.
From specific country, the eu is the second largest trading partner in foshan, due to the European debt crisis continued to deteriorate, weakness of the U.S. economic recovery, the international market demand remains weak, and the domestic economic slowdown, cause the whole foreign trade import and export is facing severe situation, foshan directly affect is not only the ceramic industry, and foshan, clothing, home appliances, traditional industry such as aluminium categories of merchandise exports.
Situation throughout the whole import and export trade, exports have signs of stabilisation, but imports is still in a weak state, foshan city-wide import trade gross in 2012 was $20.91 billion, fell 4.1% year on year. Customs officials said, according to foshan ceramic products import quantity is little, ranking in the industry, also can not reach 15 before. To have industry veteran said, foshan ceramic export as the world's one of the main producing area, the quantity of imports on the low side is completely understandable, the current domestic imported ceramic tile is mainly aimed at the high-end market, coupled with the domestic enterprises will be targeting this part of the highly profitable high-end market, continuously improve the quality of products and services, with foreign brands.
Import and export data from 2012, the environment can be seen, foshan, as the national important ceramic production and export base, on the one hand, the foshan ceramics successively from Thailand, India, eu, Korea, Brazil and other countries and regions of the world's anti-dumping, and there has been a gradually increase the anti-dumping cases each year. Therefore, some enterprises, especially foreign trade enterprises already turning to some emerging markets, such as South America, Africa, trade has been rapid growth in these markets. Convenient in order to make full use of local resources and save the high cost such as transportation, more and more enterprises started in local factory, combined with the local government will also provide a number of preferential policies to attract foreign investment enterprises in investment, stimulating local industry development.
On the other hand because of the real estate regulation policy, all kinds of raw material prices, competition is intense, excess production capacity, to this, the industry veteran media Zhang Yongnong once pointed out that at present our country construction of brick of pottery and porcelain production overcapacity. In 2011 China's production of brick of pottery and porcelain is 2011 square meters, is the average of each and every one can pin fee amount of 6.4 square meters. It is understood that production of brick of pottery and porcelain in 2012 reached 9.2 billion square meters. Officials said in interviews, some enterprises, the current ceramic industry serious product homogeneity, the price is transparent, in a state of small profit.


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