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Beautiful green contented industry in China
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Energy saving, low carbon, green environmental protection is one of the eighteenth big theme, eighteen big write ecological civilization and so on into the new party constitution, puts forward the concept of beauty in China and targets. This is a reasonably for the benefit of the offspring big good matter, is encouraging, specific elaboration of the scientific development concept, is a Chinese with conscience, not recognition and welcome.
Ceramic sanitary ware industry in energy saving, low carbon, green environmental protection efforts and achievements acknowledged, but it is still of great articles, great potential can be dug, such as stop, will hold national progress back.
Goal as soon as possible in order to realize the beautiful China, carries out the eighteenth big spirit, "ceramic" is willing to have social responsibility and ceramic sanitary ware industry insight with joint efforts to render to the best of their own, is beautiful Chinese drum and shout. Therefore, the ceramic information will highlight the beautiful China, in 2013 the concept of green contented industry, achievement, experience and so on. And beautiful China, green contented industry as "ceramic" is one of the main themes in 2013. Not only news, communication, speech, etc. The essay, and put three of our BBS, the BBS mechanical chemical, archaize brick BBS, BBS will be beautiful China, wei yu green contented industry (sanitary) three BBS as a common theme, focus and highlight effect. Even imagine three BBS dinner we eat and drink with green pollution-free products, such as rural rice wine (lees), BBS gifts gift also choose low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction. In a word, the information of ceramic 2013 do everything try to focus in beautiful China, the concept of green contented industry and goal. I believe that we will not lonely, I believe we have the comrades and friends.
In order to live in the beautiful China, let us struggle together!


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