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Foshan ceramic industry gossip
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Column last week my book "Shi Wan pottery" handicraft "and" art ", "published after the response is quite big. Including Tan Hao deep brother sent me a long message, discuss. Then he decided to write a "three said the foshan ceramic art", on your chest. Today our A11 version published he wrote four big bottleneck of foshan ceramic art development, is to "say". Planned next week, "the second said" to "foshan ceramics market value", again next week, "three" to be "out of foshan ceramic art master complex", readers, please note.
Do second ceramics festival to foshan after next month, next month again yixing will do stopped after 15 years in the seventh section ceramic, the nature is good. "China's four big ceramic capital" of the two leading successively held ceramic section, can be said to be two great event in China's ceramic industry. Remember first yixing ceramic art festival was founded in May 5, 1988, then they also set up all the newspaper. After that I had as a group and part TaoCheng newspaper, alone to located the yixingshi dingshuzhen yixing ceramic company, congratulations brother newspaper of yixing newspaper founded in a week, so make some yixing purple sand pottery industry friends. Now the industry generally believe that: as in ceramics, yixing are recommended, far from foshan shiwan gongzai success. Why, but I'm afraid it is not only a few masters to discussion, please say it clearly. If say to porcelain, and jingdezhen, it may be more say not clear.
In order to do a good job in this second ceramics festival this year, a related department invited everybody masters and scholars to carry on the discussion, this is right, is good, but it is not enough. Because the masters is an art, not necessarily, at the same time, planning, promotion, operation and master; And as a result of the long tended to in such aspects as planning, promotion, operation or one of its weaknesses, some of the viewpoint is too one-sided and a single, or even just some complain about lack of government support such complaints. Tao is full set, if you can listen to some folk capital, the voice of the folk society, folk operators, real and comprehensive understanding of the foshan ceramic art development present situation and the problems now, believe that have to do nothing.
Tan Hao brother deep as early as Buddha tao group brilliant time, secretary of the communist youth league as an enterprise, the creative, planning, organization, activity ability. In recent years, by his marketing "foshan ceramic" into "foshan ceramics", running the so-called "huayi brothers of foshan ceramics industry" Oriental impression, also is a colorful. Of all that he says "foshan ceramic art in the development of four big bottleneck", is a after years of practice, though not necessarily accurately but thering is no lack of some reference value. Currently ceramist who devoted most of art creation, and in terms of publicity, marketing, promotion, campaign can only be "each person should sweep the snow from his own doorstep". They still must through such as Oriental impression of cultural and artistic institutions can better reflected.
Do "day" to build "garden", "temple", "god", is ambitious and will go a long way, but are not necessarily a panacea which break through the bottleneck. Busy after return to calm, we may find the deep-seated problems still not solved or improved. And his new office, new, new, new creation, rather than go to revitalize our existing "fixed assets" and "liquidity", make it play a bigger role. Say museum, currently there is a garden in the town of Shi Wan guangdong Shi Wan ceramics museum, it gave me the impression is very good, has the talent, has a website, there are magazines, there are connotations also have level, enough to make me wait contented industry people proud, or even can be said is my Shi Wan the pride of the people. The museum of the magazine and web site never advertise, is said to be in order to maintain independent thinking, independent judgment and not by money. A street agency funding, after all, is limited, however, for promoting Shi Wan ceramic art is always struggling to more ideas and measures. I think if it can to the city, the greater support, is bound to it is more considerable.
Now for the section of foshan ceramic and foshan ceramic fair is held, this is good, not bad, at least illustrates the owners focus on these two event and look forward to. If there is no sound and silence, that was a disappointment and sorrow. To foshan ceramic and foshan ceramic fair this year how to cooperate with each other bring out the best in each other, rather than its own will not "shotgun", or it will be a particularly attractive to watch. Fool thought that the essential way of foshan ceramics industry bigger and stronger, but with the foshan building sanitary ceramics industry interaction and fusion. Of course this is a long and huge system engineering, but we can still move forward step by step, and in fact there are now all in one step ahead with building ceramic enterprises. Yesterday to the south the ancient stove visit Yang Yingcai master's studio, he saw a lot of new things, also learned that he cooperate with Mona Lisa's company is quite effective. But it's a long story, only to later again is it separately.

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